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About One State Properties

We have helped many property owners sell by being the direct buyer for them. Our goal is to provide a quick and easy way for anyone to sell real estate. We pay cash, can close quickly, hold your hand all the way to closing, and we pay ALL closing costs so you don't have to! From the work we do, we love seeing the positive effect it has on our communities. It allows us to help improve neighborhoods and provide jobs to real estate agents, contractors, escrow officers, lenders, and many more valuable people. Also, if our team is not able to purchase your property for ANY reason, we will gladly help you find the best solution to sell.

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Meet the Owner

Boston Hoppman was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. With a background in real estate, he started One State during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020. During that time, there were many people that wanted to sell but couldn't because they were stuck indoors. With the help of a few partners, we were able to start going direct to these property owners and helping them sell by being the direct buyer. Since then, One State Properties has grown and now does business all over the country!

Why Choose Us?

Aside from making the sale of your property as easy and simple as possible, working with One State is often times more affordable than a traditional sale. We do not charge Realtor commissions or fees. We cover ALL closing costs and in some cases even catch up arrears. We can close faster than a traditional sale. And lastly, we purchase the property in AS-IS condition, meaning you don't have to do any repairs before you sell to us. 

And after all of that, if we are still not the best fit for you, no hard feelings. We will still help you find the best solution to sell your property!

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